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Cybersecurity Checklist: Tips to help your club with cyber readiness.

Once an attack happens it's too late.

As cyber threats continue to increase, the club industry as a whole must educate itself on the proper techniques to secure members data online. It's no longer if a breach is going to occur, it's a matter of if you will be prepared when the breach occurs. Our checklist covers steps your club can take to help prevent hackers from gaining access to your system and more importantly compromising your members' data. Complete the form to the right to download your copy.

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Stats that will open your eyes to the potential cyber threats against your club in 2018.
Until now, cybersecurity for most small to medium size businesses including private clubs, has been an afterthought.  After all, why would clubs even be on the radar for hackers to attack?  Wouldn’t they go after the larger more lucrative targets like financial institutions? The answer to this is increasingly no, and recent cybersecurity stats prove it. 

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