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What would you say to your board and members if your Club's website was hacked? 

Private Clubs tend to be high profile and soft targets for hackers due to the high net worth of most club members.

We all know that most of us re-use passwords from site to site and our members are no different. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure that we are taking the proper steps to safeguard our members' data online. One of the most valuable pieces of information to a hacker is a password because it opens the doors to many other places that your member frequents online such as financial institutions, government websites and online shopping sites. An offline attack (like was used in the infamous Yahoo breach) on your site or your vendor's data center would result in a total member password reset.  The fallout from this type of attack will result in lost website usage, damage to the club's reputation and financial loss. In fact, 60% of small to medium sized businesses go out of business six months after a breach occurs. As cyber threats continue to grow, it's imperative that you remove as many threat vectors as possible. BlindHash password database protection is easy to implement and an affordable way to eliminate one cyber threat. 

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