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What you didn't know...


Ray lives in Mount Olive, NC the Pickle Capital and has two children Lee and Mollie Catherine. He is an Eagle Scout, Instrument Rated Pilot, Helicopter Pilot, and enjoys traveling, boating, and motor racing both Nascar and Formula 1.

What you should know...

A native of North Carolina, Ray graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1988 with a B.A. in Economics. From 1990 until 1994 Ray worked under John McConnell as a regional sales manager for Medic Computer Systems. After leaving the software business for 5 years he was reunited with McConnell in 1999 and picked to manage the sales team for A4 HealthSystems.

As a member of the McConnell team Ray helped to build A4 into one of the market leaders in Electronic Medical Records. The company was sold to Allscripts in 2006 and a year later Ray once again joined John McConnell but this time they took their business skills to the private club industry.

In 2007 Ray joined McConnell Golf as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Today the company owns and operates 12 exclusive private clubs in the Carolinas & Tennesse. In 2010, McConnell Golf purchased ClubSoft and Ray was tapped as the new CEO of the ClubSoft division.  In 2015, ClubSoft merged with Clubessential and Ray assumed the role of executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. In 2017, Clubessential was acquired by Battery Ventures in Boston, MA. Ray was instrumental in getting the acquisition completed and served for a transition period until May 2017.  

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