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protecting member data should be a top priority

Here's What Professionals In the Industry are Saying

"In today's world of cyber-security fears, I am constantly looking for ways to increase the security for the members.  Initially I heard about Blindhash when it was a featured partner at the Clubessential Digital Summit, and immediately asked for more information.  I quickly learned how real the threat is, and how easily Blindhash could add another layer of security to protect our members' and team members' data.  The price for added security is extremely economical, and something I needed to implement right away.  I would recommend every club which takes member privacy and cyber-security seriously should incorporate the Blindhash protection to their website.”

Christopher Gibbon
Director of IT, Member Services, Transportation & Accommodations

Riverhouse Lodge & Pointe Lodge
Quail Valley


"If your club is working toward cybersecurity in any way, then activating BlindHash Cyber is an easy decision to get started. Every layer of cybersecurity is important. BlindHash is a low cost, beneficial cybersecurity layer. Member Portal websites can use this protection and it provides great value, especially considering the low cost and easy activation. I view this technology as a solid way to demonstrate to the members that a club is making best efforts to secure their data."

Noel Wixsom
Founder of

CC Tech Partners


"Club Benchmarking recommends to all our clients that they enact best practices when it comes to security. An easy and important step in that direction is to protect member passwords with BlindHash Cyber. The software architect who developed the Club Benchmarking platform had an idea that changed password security. We received a patent on the idea as a result of its novelty. We use BlindHash Cyber on the Club Benchmarking website making our password security the strongest available in the world. I think every club should also use the technology to protect their member's passwords."

Ray Cronin
Founder of

Club Benchmarking


Activated BlindHash protection for your club, simply click

below to get started and we will handle the rest.  

“This was really a no-brainer for us. The installation was simple and our members were not required to take any action. We are all told that we should not use the same passwords at multiple sites, but we know that in reality our members will use the same password again if they can. We are now confident that if a member’s password is compromised from an offline attack that it did not happen on our site.”

Christian Anastasiadis
COO of

McConnell Golf


"We learned about Blindhash from Club Benchmarking and their involvement in the Clubessential Digital Summit. Our club has made substantial investment in our online system and cyber security, the cost of $50/month is an inexpensive insurance policy that demonstrates to our members how committed we are to protecting their password data. The activation was seamless and did not impact our staff or members. Adding another level of security and providing a higher degree of protection for our members was clearly the right thing to do.”

Edmund J. McGuire, CPA, CHAE, CGMA
Finance Director

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