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BlindHash Cyber joins Google by teaming up with the Defending Digital Campaigns

September 16, 2020

BlindHash Cyber joins Google and other cyber companies by teaming up with the Defending Digital Campaigns program.

Boston, MA- September 16, 2020- Defending Digital Campaigns (DDC), a nonprofit and nonpartisan security organization recently announced that they have partnered with BlindHash Cyber to help protect campaign websites and databases that store passwords.

Every website that stores a password and uses legacy hashing is vulnerable to the off-line attack and the subsequent compromise of the stored passwords. BlindHash Cyber offers a patented technology that makes a website virtually immune to this type of attack. “We are pleased to partner with DDC in helping all campaigns protect the passwords of their candidates, workers and donors” states Ray McDonald, CEO of BlindHash.

BlindHash joins over 20 other technology and cybersecurity companies in an effort to offer the best security and technology available to protect our political campaigns. 2020 political campaigns have the option of using any of the identified partners as a means to protect their digital information.

About BlindHash Cyber

BlindHash’s mission is to restore trust in passwords through decentralized authentication. The company’s patented technology prevents offline attacks by making password databases virtually impossible to steal. BlindHash’s technology is completely transparent to end-users, integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructures and has no impact on performance. To learn more, visit

About Defending Digital Campaigns:

Defending Digital Campaigns (DDC) is a nonprofit C4, nonpartisan and non-aligned organization providing access to cybersecurity products, services and information regardless of party affiliation. DDC's leadership reflects its commitment to a bipartisan, nonaligned approach to increasing the cybersecurity of campaigns. DDC's model and ability to partner with companies to bring low-to-no cost services to campaigns was granted under special permission by the Federal Election Commission. DDC is committed to assisting as many campaigns as possible--regardless of party--with the support they need within the limits of campaign finance law.

Media Contact:

Ray McDonald


Restore trust in passwords through decentralized authentication learn more

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