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BlindHash Cyber & Cino Security Solutions announce strategic partnership to bring cybersecurity education and solutions to the private club industry.

Boston, MA - May 31st, 2018 - BlindHash Cyber and Cino Security announced on Thursday a partnership to bring cybersecurity education and solutions to the private club industry. The two companies are teaming up to introduce the concept of a cyber security framework uniquely tailored for the club industry.

As hackers turn their eyes on small to medium sized businesses, private clubs find themselves in the crosshairs. Until now, clubs haven’t seen the need to focus on cyber threats. However, the nature and high profile status of their members has increasingly made them start researching cybersecurity solutions. In addition, as the liability and expense of a breach increases, club management and boards can no longer afford to be complacent in creating a cyber plan of action.

“Having worked in the club industry for close to ten years, I was aware of the need for cyber solutions but more importantly cyber awareness,” said Ray McDonald, CEO of BlindHash Cyber.  “Private club members’ data is some of the most valuable Personally Identifiable Information available. At some point, every club will experience some type of attack, some will be minor but many will be extremely damaging.  It is the steps that leadership have taken to ensure they are meeting the proper duty of care that will determine their liability. Our goal is to help the club industry get closer to where the private sector is in terms of cyber preparedness.”

“Liability has become a big concern for businesses of all sizes and regulatory agencies are increasingly  cracking down on companies and imposing fines for not following proper cyber protocol,” said Joseph Saracino, CEO of Cino Security Solutions. “As a consultant to homeland security and former Naval Intelligence Officer, I’ve seen first hand the extent hackers will go to in order to gain access to networks. We want to help clubs identify their vulnerabilities and then educate them on the proper cyber tools to put in place to patch those threats.”

According to the Ponemon Institute, 61% of small businesses experienced a breach in 2017 costing on average $2.2 million per breach. By implementing BlindHash Cyber’s and Cino’s solutions, clubs can begin protecting themselves against cyber criminals and avoid the PR fallout and fines associated with breaches.

About BlindHash Cyber BlindHash’s mission is to restore trust in passwords through decentralized authentication. The company’s patented technology prevents offline attacks by making password databases impossible to steal. BlindHash’s technology is completely transparent to end-users, integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructures and has no impact on performance. To learn more, visit   

About Cino Security Solutions Cino Security Solutions provides compliance based security and risk assessment services and remediation to their family of clients through a vast array of strategic partners and 21st century technology including a real time intelligence resource database. Cino’s team has over 100 years of combined IT and security experience consisting of members of the U.S. Military Intelligence and Special Operations Units as well as well as the NYPD Special Task Force Division. Cino is committed and ready to serve clients with confidence and integrity. To learn more about Cino, visit

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