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  • Maria Holler

What can we Learn from Nick Saban when it comes to Cybersecurity?

January 10, 2018

What Nick Saban did at Monday night’s college football championship game was proof that he is one of the best coaches if not THE best coach in college football history. And while many are crediting his win on his bold move to bench his starting quarterback after the first half (and let’s be honest it was risky), I’d like to point out one other fact; Nick Saban was able to win because he had a BACKUP PLAN and believed in it.

In the cyber world it baffles me every day how unprepared we are for the many cyber threats out there.  We know it’s only a matter of time before we are breached, yet we fail miserably to prepare for these threats. With numerous affordable technologies available to the private sector to prevent breaches, they are overwhelmingly underutilized. Instead of being on the offensive and ensuring we are prepared when we are hacked, we are constantly playing defense because many of us think it won’t happen to our company. Or, we think what we have already in place is enough. Come on team, let’s face the facts. Nick Saban realized he needed to pass the ball to win the game, and he knew Tagovailoa at that moment was the better option to make that happen. In the cyber world however, unless you are some large corporation, and even many of those aren’t following proper protocol (Equifax, Yahoo, the list goes on), we aren’t utilizing the tools available to allow us to have that big win when we are faced by hackers. BlindHash Password Protection and SSL's are two affordable techs that can be implemented today to start or further enhance your protection stack. 

So why not be more like Nick Saban.  Wouldn’t you rather be the championship Management or IT team that can say you did everything possible to prevent a breach? Don't be caught after it's too late to protect your clients, your brand and ultimately your bottom line. Take the steps to win today.

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